Q&A – 14th December 2015

– to the question if any deatils about DX11 support can be shared anytime soon, the devs apologized that they can’t share anything right now;


– the bug where in “Domination” mode, after the destruction of a tank his name was displayed over the next tank which was chosen will be fixed in 9.13;

– no plans to release British prem tanks, however plans do change often, anything can happen;

– the personal mission adjustments will be implemented soon, however the personal missions for the Object 260 will not change;

– the implementation of view range circles into the minimap (like in XVM) is possible;

– regarding “small improvements/bugfixes” – some are dealt with already, some are not critical anymore, some chaged by a huge amount, devs need the information for the current state;

– players claim there is no realistic behaviour of tracks in the game, devs state there is;



– to that, palyers claim it’s only partially – tracks sinking into the ground, not bulging over small objects etc. – devs answer that such cases are being worked on;

– new physics will be implemented in the game anyway, but with some fixes and adjustments;

– regarding new sounds, devs stated that the test was not useless, many feedback was collected, which will now be regarded when implementing fixes and adjustments; also the revving and transmission sounds, which were requested, will be implemented;

– “is it possible to change camo from 3rd campaign to 4th and the other way round?” – “yes, if the camo was purchased for this tank. this camos can only be used on the tank they were applied to, it’s not possible to transfer to another tank from the same nation”;

– “is there any possibility to see in which tank the player achieved his first medal?” – “the game functionality does not take such scenarios into account”;

– the players who got stripped of the T-22sr for rigging, but managed to play at least one battle in it, will have it displayed in their statistics anyway;

– devs repeat once again that there will be no skill-based MM;