Q&A of a developer from the Quality Assurance Department

Thanks to Vlad ^^

– What’s your position? – Quality assurance (QA);

– How long do you work already? – 3 years;

– What does your department do exactly? – We are tasked with the quality control of the patch content, which we prepare for release. Also we control the work of our programmers, so that nobody stays idle. We have a program which assigns tasks for every department. There are situations where superiors have slightly different views than the QA-department, such situations are non-negotiable;

– How do you rate Wargaming’s work in regard of every single project? – Blitz, Xbox, PS4 – excellent; Lesta (WoWS developer) is going forward steadily; Japan has a good department (Wargaming’s branch in Tokyo), but Persha Studia (WoWP) is in trouble. Masters of Orion is also growing, it’S being worked on not only by Wargaming, but also other specialists are consulted (e.g. from Baltimore and Chicago). However they f***ed up a bit regarding the graphical aspect and are restructuring the render for DX12. We have a problem in the office with unneccesary personnel, some HR guys were hired and are running around trying to motivate the workflow for a reward.

– Which changes are to be expected in the game your department is working on? – Literally none, our department is only checking. There’s a story where we allegedly screwed up a tank, however in reality everything’s fine. It’s just that a reason was needed to reschedule the tank.

– Why do players have such a negative attitude towards WG? – Let’s do this orderly. In an interview a developer told about the workflow of the QA-department. We, who work in this department, play the game for a fairly long time, since this is our work. We check how some changes affect the game and the players and other things. So saying that we’re just a shabby department is at least unfounded. The problem lies not with us, but with the organization at the higher levels (it’s done how we want it). Also some problems lie with the players themselves. For example the whine about one or another branch which is developed and fine-tuned by hundreds of people. But of course, players always know better, because their PC, which was bought for 150$ in a basement, can’t run Fallout 4 on max, and WoT on min is stuttering. On EU and NA, such whine doesn’t exist. If they have whine, it’s usually thought through and proof is provided. There are tanks based on well-founded arguments by EU and NA players implemented on all regions. Their audience is just more adequate and overall better.

– Do you like WoT PC? – Well, the community (playerbase) is not great, but the fault lies within themselves. I like the graphics however. Do you want better graphics? The problem lies in the organization. Screaming at me that on Xbox, everything is better by a level is not really true. Yes, the console graphics are better, but the gameplay is not as dynamic. The PC battles are more dynamic and complex.

– If Storm is unable to anwser a question specifically (“not my department”, “i can’t say anything”), does the problem lie in access rights? – It was said many times that this is the case. He can only say what he is allowed to say. Again, the problem lies in the players who take any information a little too close to home.



 – 200 – 250k players migrated from WoT to WoWS;

– Xbox and PS4 cross-platform play will come later, at the moment the test is running – be patient;