Storm Q&A – 24th November 2015

– The peer-to-peer patch data distribution function (if enabled) deactivates upon launching the game because the launcher closes.

Q: Thanks for the Action X, another piece of shit that catches arty shells for full hp!
A: And 4202 had a meter thick roof and never caught arty shells?

– Devs are fixing a rubble pile on Ruinberg (southern base, street in to town) that disappears from view at 200m

Q: New Year marathon is coming soon, will you release Czech tanks on time?
A: They will make it in time.

– The track trail bug is known and being worked on.

Q: Shells. Flying. Through. Tanks. Pissing. Me. Off.
A: We are investigating it. It’s turning out to be not an easy-fix problem. In 9.12 there we’re no changes to the system, or any related systems.

– Storm is looking in to complaints about T34 HD model roof being too weak, but statistics show that after going HD it’s being penned less.

– The arty aim traverse bug has been located and a solution has been found.

Q: Am I understanding correctly that new maps go to “Rampage” mode first for testing and after that go to Random? Or are these maps limited to the “Rampage” mode?
A: They can be just for “Rampage”, just for Randoms, or both. Depends on the map.

– The most prominent bugs will be fixed with a micropatch before 9.13.

– IS-6 and AT-15A HD models are of similar detail. AT-15A mud flaps are bigger than IS-6 ones so the textures seem a bit stretched.

– 4K textures haven’t been used in renders for a while, they use 2K now.