A night in Paris… a deadly night

As many of you surely know, Paris has been, last night, the place of a terrible terrorist attack.

129 killed and about 352 wounded, including 99 wounded in a critical state. Several attacks within 30 minutes, 30 minutes that shocked a whole country as well as many others on this planet.

The event gathered much attention on social networks (such as help to host those who were in the streets, help to find the missing, etc), and countries from all the world wished their condolences to the victims, family members of the victims, as well as their support to France and the French people.

Last time, on Wednesday, January 7th, they attacked already. 10 months later, on Friday, November 13th, they attacked again, and almost did 10 times more victims.

A page from History is surely writing right now. TAP changed its banner in honour of the victims and their family members. May all the killed innocent rest in peace. No matter if they are from France, or from Beirut, Lebanon.