Storm Q&A regarding 10.0 Test 2

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– Storm cannot comment on cancellation of 10.0, we have to wait for official information.

– Storms situation at WG has become more nerve racking as the project has grown.

– Stabilization of the new Centurion has not been changed (improved).

Q: To me it seems like this “Rubicon” patch has been misunderstood, in terms of the changes that come with it.
To players it doesn’t seem like it’s anything more than a typical patch, but from a server architecture standpoint,
the changes are much more serious.
So it has resulted in the patch being very important to WG but it hasn’t been understood by the masses.

A: Yes you are right, it has been misunderstood. When looking at server architecture and client as well, the
number of changes is huge. We are preparing the underpinnings for serious changes in the future.