Heliborne | Tactical Helicopter Multiplayer Arcade

So, I just recently found something interesting when searching for multiplayer military flight arcade game, especially with combat helicopters.



Heliborne is a tactical helicopter multiplayer arcade game developed by JetCat Games studio, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Currently, it’s still in Alpha development, so only invited players can participate in the early development.

Even if it’s still in Alpha stage, JetCat devs have already introduced the early gameplay of the Heliborne on 29-7-2015.


There are currently 2 game modes introduced in the game: Skirmishes and Best of Five Rounds.

2 Maps currently available in the game: Afghanistan and Vietnam.

3 types of helicopters are present: Recon, Transport, and Attacker.

An ACH-47A Chinook under attack by Ka-50 Black Shark while capturing a base.

Various bases scattered around the map and must be captured to gain victory points. You need a transport helicopter to capture, loaded with airborne troops, instead of a standard attack helicopter.

AH-64D Longbow Apache evading the Mi-24 Hind autocannon.

There’s also a gameplay review explaining the total gameplay of the Heliborne by eNtak:


You can register for Alpha Invitation from here:


This game is still in Alpha stage, so expect many changes during the development.

P.S.: The good ol’ days when playing arcade combat helicopter on PS1 and PS2 reboot 🙂