Good evening! I have something special today ๐Ÿ™‚
– Wargaming game center is coming to PC pretty soon, its basically a launcher that features all of WG’s games (just like blizzard’s launcher)
– The Wargaming Game Center is the partial result of Steam policy that didnt allow WoT to be used in that platform (legal things) so instead of looking for some third party, they made their own
-Game center will allow to install, update and repair any Wargaming game installed – in the future, games will only be able to be launched via game center and a future functionality is to do random check for illegal mods/warpack users (a thing steam wouldnt allow for technical and legal reasons), it will come in all available languages WG currently uses on its games
– Wargaming will dedicate most of 2016 to optimize the games and fix known issues instead of adding tanks (yes, games)
– The “decal gives skill” debate is over, it will be implemented and just as any other premium consumable/item in the game, it can be purchased for silver
– 59 Patton has “okay” statistics, the only buff (if applied) would be to increase the penetration to 179 or 181 mm
– M56 Scorpion a success in all clusters, the addition of a premium American TD was very very welcome