Changed Jagdpanther II Armor (Nerf)

Why….? I wanted to grind that line!

And no. The armor was already bad (Ferdinand has protection, this tank – not really) – but at least it is historical now. The problem is that the massive weakspot is visible on the model itself.

What Wargaming does try in my opinion is to make people use this tank from proper range. Sure, I agree with that. But for proper spotting you need the old T-50-2. Which is not here (it would be the well deserved indirect arty nerf people want and I am fine with). Or at least give the stolen engine back on the T-50. Please. Going at 40 km/h hurts.

Anyway, back to our TD: the tank will die in popularity of not for a proper buff to compesate for this. So please, WG: do not dissapoint us.