Feeling Sick

Hey friends, Seb here. Sorry for the few articles last days, there was almost nothing to be posted about. The fact that the other admins are busy does not help either. However, I will post stuff (even if it is a bit late).

Today I started to feel sick (runny nose, feeling cold all the time, a little bit of sore throat). My mind is still okay, got a very good grade (10) a few hours ago. Had to brag about it 🙂

So, I would like to ask the readers (if you have the pleasure to respond) 2 things:

1: How to get rid of the sickness (preferably without too much medication) – I would gladly stay sick (cause no school – yay) but I really want to go to the gym again.

And 2. This is mainly for our Russian readers: we are not able to find all the sources (russian sites) for our Q&As, and they turn out to be incomplete. Can you help?