Q&A – 10th October 2015

Sorry for being so late today, our translator had Clan Wars and I procastinated some time looking at beautiful ahistorical maps, for example this one showing how the world would have looked like if the Central Powers won WW1 (yeah, my country is smaller too, no reasons to be mad at me 😛 ):


By the way, tomorrow I will go see The Martian movie. It MUST be good.

Anyway, back to the Q&A:

-There are plans for fixes related to ‘smoothing’

-Apparently there are lots of CTDs (Crash-To-Desktops) happening (in the 10.0 test), Storm: We are collecting stats on configurations that are crashing, so we can fix it ASAP.

Q: How do I turn off “You are invited to a platoon”

A: You can’t. (Seb: WG YOU FOOLS)

Q: What’s going to happen to the 4202?

A: Info will come later.

Q: Did you buff KV-220 turret to 90mm?

A: No, left at 75mm.

-New Caernavon turret is almost twice as armoured.

Q: Did the Caernarvon have the Action X turret in real life or is it a WG design?

A: It didn’t, but there was no other alternative with similar armour values.

Q: IMHO it would of been better to buff the existing Caernarvon turret armour values, new turret looks weird.

A: We only change armour values on unhistorical and paper tanks, otherwise, we try to keep to real values.

Q: Did the Caernarvon really need that turret?

A: Yes, the armour was getting really bad.

-In the first few battles (5-10) for new players, bots will be included, so it’s easier for them to learn the game.