Interview with WoWs Development Director

Translated by forum user Sharana.

Today they published interview with the development director of WoWs Danila Volkov. Lesta Studio is sometimes inviting streamers and reporters in their HQ in St. Petersburg showing them what are they working on for the future, but they can’t broadcast it right away as it’s under NDA and only WG can say when it’s the time. So today this one was published (but cutted out as some stuff is still udner NDA).

– next big patch will bring individual missions. They will be harder (then the current “daily” ones), some of them even chain missions.

– division members will be spawned closer to each other Soon™

– the high tier maps will change. They will add 2 new ones Soon™ and rework Islands of Ice and Two Brothers + some tweaks to North. They will also make another “winter North” coppy – half night winter with polar Lights, but the original map North will stay as it’s very popular.

– the 2 domination caps instead of standart battles was good decision and the amount of draws dropped + it’s popular. In one of the next patches they will rework encounter. There will be 3 “ring” bases. You start getting points from the outer ring base and it’s speeded up when you cap the middle and the center one. If your team hold the center one while the enemy the rest only your team will be getting points (from the central base only ofc). This will bring the players closer to the center (the action) but in a BB you won’t be forced to enter the central cap under focus in order to contribute – that’s DDs job. Going for the edge of the map will be pointless as the action will be in the middle.

– the map border will be reworked again in the next big patch. Ships will still be able to drift, but they will lose most of their speed when hitting the border and will also turn slower. Devs hope that will be enough. If that doesn’t help they will be done with the “soft” solutions and will already consider the “hard” ones like autopilot taking control or solid border.

– they consider to expand the ranked battles in 3 leagues – tier 5-6 / 6-7 / 7-8. They consider season signal flags as reward that will be permanent (won’t be used after a single battle as the rest). The requirement to win them will be to get past the “unlosable” ranks (where a loss won’t take away your rank) and those “unlosable” ranks will be increased compared to the test season now. Also different signal flags for different ranks.

– the solution with the depot is planned for 0.5.2. All modules will be ship specific only (won’t be any modules avalible for 2 or more ships like CA torps avalible for DD) and after selling the ship absolutely all modules will be sold. When the patch goes live all the moduls currently in the invisible depot (the players stored already) will be sold and the players will get their credits back. This way they won’t have to make UI for something 90% of the players use once in 3 months and everyone will be getting his credits back as that’s the main problem now,

– no plans for “accelerated” captain training in the short-term plans (they are not working on it yet) but it’s possible in the future with signal flags for example and for some premium ships.

– the high tiers meta is with long ranges but small maps. When reworking the maps (as said in the beginning) they will most likely try to concept of making the maps interactive. There will be points with coastal batteries, AA points, airports which players can cap and use them as assets for their team. Pretty much add some small form of PvE to the normal battles to make it more interesting.

– the tier X cruisers added in the game files (like Buffalo) will be some reward ships, but it’s too early yet and no concrete plans.

– they try to make the team battles this year. Player can be in few different teams (that’s not clans) and there will be leagues and ratings like in the ranked battles. Of course there will be rewards for the top teams and they plan to make “best of the best” tournament after each season inviting the top teams from that season with very interesting rewards.

– you won’t have to make full team of 7 player to play team battles, you can enter with 4 friends for example and the MM will add the missing 3 from solo players (mercenaries) who also want to play those team battles, but don’t have team or it’s not online. That will be rare on the high leagues ofc.

– they are working/reworking the perks and ship upgrades. Some of them will be revised this year to make them attractive (the acquisition range module for example I guess).

– they won’t ban mods, but the game client is getting more and more locked for modding. They keep close contact with the modders and will give them “the magical key” to add their mod under strict supervision (mod tested and approved by WG).

– it’s possible they will add the option for each player to hide his personal random only stats from the rest.