New Game Mode Incoming

Off-topic: The WoWS leak will come tomorrow. Finished watermarking around a third of the pics.

So, a new game mode will come to WoT. It appeared on the RU Portal that, along with 10.0, there will be a new battle mode similar to the „Steel Hunt” and „Domination” ones. It will be called something like „Fight to the last” and it will be fought on 2 new maps: Berlin and Paris.

But that is not everything…

As reward for the players which will complete some kind of mission related to the event, Wargaming prepared the T-22cp. (Soviet Tier X medium), as well as many unique medals and personal reserves.

And some other news:

Looks like from 10.0 there will be tank emblems which give crew bonuses. Details will be announced later. PvE will also be introduced for the new players, before heading into the real battlefield.

More info will come later. Good night dear readers.