Ground War Tanks: In Depth Review

“The Video Quality SUCKS!”, “You need to die right now!” Okay okay, I am disappointed too. Click on the Vimeo button on the side for the HD version. I know big suck, I know. I still have to validate my You Tube account to host big @ss videos.

Here is a modest and well mannered gentleman’s review of the Chinese / Russian online internet tank fighting game: Ground War Tanks.

Author’s Note: I can’t quite upload videos to You Tube yet so that is why ghetto @ss Vimeo is used instead as the video’s host website. Here is the ‘Vimeo’ Channel: Rocket Powered Ice Cream:

Anyway Good Luck, Take Care And Have Fun Guys!

Note: Ground War Tanks is actually growing and is not dead. For example Standard Mode is so healthy that at 4:00 AM players can still find a full match rather quickly.