WoT Mini-Client, New Initiative from WG

The RU Portal released some interesting news:

For new players, WG created a mini-client – a smaller version of the current WoT client, which gives new players the opportunity to check out how WoT feels like, without having to download the entire game. (Seb: ah, I remember September 2011, my first battle on Malinovka, where I got the Invader medal with the T1!)

So, the players will have 3 options in the launchers: SD, HD and mini-client.

The main features of the mini-client:

-reduced size (a lot).

-only tier I and II tanks available to play.

-you can play only random battles.

-tutorial included.

-Available maps:

  • Mittengard
  • Mines
  • Winter Himmelsdorf
  • Ruinberg

The small size of the client provides, unfortunately, lots of restrictions: platoons are unavailable, you cannot use tier III and better tanks, you cannot create companies, team battles or strongholds, or training battles. Also, no missions available.