Mods 4 Pros: Type 64 HD Skin

Made by Milkym4n. Check out his blog for more skins:

Words from the author:

Time for a new release. We all love to drive our Type 64s in Strongholds but the missing HD model always made a bit just slightly less joyful. Well not anymore.

By using parts from the M18 GMC and the M41 Walker Bulldog I was able to put this little thing together. Now before people start mentioning that the hull is all wrong… Yeah I know but there is and probably never be a HD M42 Duster SPAA available in game. Since the M42 Duster hull and chassis is based off the M41 Walker Bulldog this was the next logical choice.

It’s not like World of Tanks and historicality go together too well anyways hint Waffenträger auf E 100…

There might be players concerned with mismatched normal and collision models. If you’re one of them this skin might not be meant for you.

Here’s a graphic showing you the differences

The differences aren’t that big and you’re unlikely to rely on your armour anyways.


More pictures: