Q&A – 12th September 2015

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Regarding the current public physics test:

– Handbrake turns are disabled for arty and TDs on purpose (balance)

Q: Why mess with a tank that has a good run up to climb a hill? BC and ELC stop from 60 km/h in half a second trying to climb.

A: It’s to stop tanks climbing to where they’re not allowed.(Seb: I HATE YOU FOR THIS WG)

– New physics mean additional load on the servers, some things had to be cut back.

– There is a high probability that serverside hull sway will be removed from release because of issues with ping (stopping and not knowing where your reticle is vertically)

– The damage that tanks cause/receive when driving on top of each other will be reworked.

– There is a possibility that the devs will add the ability to recover your tank yourself when flipped on the side, but flipping over onto the turret will still mean death (after the timer).

– The decision about disabling the gun when flipped is final.

Q: Not being able to climb some hills is really annoying, what sort of hill can a real tank climb that the ingame tanks can’t?

A: 40 degrees, this is a very steep hill.