Undercover Brother News

*epic alarm sounds*

 -M56 Scorpion will be sold on the NA server as well  — possibly as one of the ancient weapons promo that its currently being paraded.

-World of Warships: an unexpected tech tree will pop in WoWs, nobody will expect it.
-Clans are coming to WoWs very very soon.
It is possible that WoWp will not last until the end of the year unless some serious influx start popping up with better gameplay, meanwhile, Wows and WoT population are growing pretty well.
-Storm is not worried about AW, neither devs. (Seb: trolololo my.com!)
-on a side note -apparently the idea of having a storyline is not that appealing to some, but PvE content is welcome and is well underway.
-Whiner: “Japanese Heavies are OP!” Devs: stop smoking &$#$ (literally)
-Devs are aware of the 59-patton having too low pen despite it has a superb reticle circle, they will collect data from servers to buff the penetration if needed be.
-IS-3 with autoloader will appear ingame as a reward tank.
-the Kanonenjagdpanzer now behaves in mobility on par of a light tank.
-MoO development will take at least 3 more months to go into a “playable” state -referring to the transition from alpha to beta-
-The new WG HQ in Cyprus has “some serious” server framework – AFAIK, it has state of the art servers which includes Oracle, some of this server frameworks costs as much as half a million USD.