Premium Currency Not Unified & Tirpitz Unavailable for Doubloons


Lead Community Manager:

Premium time is shared across WoT PC, WoWP, and WoWS, but that is the only unification that you can expect to see. Gold/Doubloons and Free XP will remain game specific, and not shared from other titles to WoWS.

Several folks also asked about the availability of the Tirpitz for Doubloons. The Tirpitz will not be available in the tech tree in game to purchase. Vehicles like this, that are considered rare or special, don’t make their way into the tech tree. Currently, we don’t have a “store” that is available in game where you could use Doubloons to make a store purchase. This something that we hope to have in the future, but don’t right now. At this point, the only option for making “store” purchases like bundles and special ships is through the Premium Store on the website.