WoWS Spanish Tech Tree – Part 1 (Tech Tree and Tier I, Jupiter)

From the user named chamorro, on the European WoWS forums:

Obviously, this is a work in progress

Comment/Aclarations section

  • The Reina Regente model in this proposal is the 1911 ship (not any of the other ones)
  • In Blas de Lezo, torpedo tubes are 6 Port and 6 starboard; the MGs are 7mm because they use the 7mm Mauser ammo
  • In Reina Victoria Eugenia, the third hull is a “Hypothetical” configuration
  • Last hull on Almirante Cervera is a “Hypothetical” AA gun layout supplied by germany or built with license
  • The TIII Reina Victoria Eugenia’s hull follows its post 1937-38 reconstruction
  • The TVI light cruiser project’s second hull AA and secondary layout is a “Hypothetical” combination of licensed built weapons and directed imported ones
  • The TVI heavy cruiser second hull AA layout is a “Hypothetical” configuration
  • Canarias’ third hull is the modernized hull and the AA layout is a “Hypothetical” one based on guns Spain already produced or had already bought
  • TVIII-X project AA layouts are hypothetical layouts based on possible configurations taking in account guns at the navy’s disposal and optimal placement of the guns

Let’s start with everyone’s favourite, the T I !


Historical Info sum up:

In 1934; two new Minelaying boats were authorized, with that number being increased to 4 in 1935. These ships would fulfill the need of modern minelaying ships for the republican government; which lately would be seen its role extended to gunboat due to a similar or more powerful artillery loadout to contemporary spanish destroyers.

With a designed displacement of 2000 tons and a cost of almost 15M “pesetas” per unit; all four of them were to be built in the “SECN-El Ferrol” shipyards. The first two units, Júpiter (Jupiter) and Vulcano (Vulcano) would be commissioned in 1937; while the other two ships, Marte (Mars) and Neptuno (Neptune) were commissioned in 1938 and 1939 respectively.

At the begining of the Spanish Civil war, the two first ships, Júpiter and Vulcano, were seized by the Nationalist army and were throughoutly used during the war. Both ships were responsible in the naval blockade in the Cantabrian and Mediterranean seas.

-Júpiter: She laid minefields in the vicinity of Santander at 1937; in which the battleship España would later be sunk.  In July the same year, two british merchants tried to run the blockade at the port of Gijón; one of them, the Sarastone, managed to arrive to port, but the other one, the Candleston Castle was captured and interned in the port of El Ferrol. HMS Royal Oak and HMS Basilisk tried to sortie in help of the british merchants, but didn’t arrive in time. In August she engaged the destroyer Císcar, without any important conclussion. In October she was escorting the feighters Dover Abbey and Yorkbrook to Ribadebo, when the HMS Resolution tried to rescue the british ships; but Júpiter managed to outrun the Resolution and got the seized vessels into the port. She shelled the port of Burriana, damaging the british merchant Bramhill, anchored at port. In 1940, she went to gather intelligence on british fortifications in Gibraltar in preparation for Operation Félix.

-Vulcano: She participed mainly in transport and ferrying missions but was also responsible in some blockade and seizing actions. One of them being the capture of the Soviet ship Katayama. She engaged in combat with the republican destroyer Jose Luis Díez; in which action both ships came as close as 50m from each other. To prevent capture or sinking, the destroyer ran aground in Gibraltar and was interned by the British government. She had secondary roles in the capture of the greek merchant Vistoria and the british one Stangrove.

-Marte: Was completed in time to block the entry of the steamer Stanbrook into the port of Alicante.

-Neptuno: Was not commissioned until the end of the war.

All three ships underwent modernizations after the signing of the Treaty between Spain and the USA; all four of them were decommissioned in the 70s

Júpiter in 1937Vulcano

Possible stats in the game:

  • Survivability:
  • HP: 11000 (first hull) 12000 (second hull)
  • Artillery:


    4×1 120/45 mm Vickers modelo F guns

    10.5 rpm, AP dmg: 2000, HE dmg: 2000, Range 9.0 km


    2×1 88mm SKC/30  (first hull), range: 1km

    2×2 76.2/40mm Armstrong-Ansaldo DP guns (second hull), range: 2km

  • AA3×1 20mm C/30 MGs (first hull), range 1.5km, dps: 152×2 76.2/40mm Armstrong-Ansaldo DP guns (second hull), range: 3km, dps: 122x1 20mm C/30 MGs (second hull), range 1.5km, dps: 10 [Spanish licensed built, Flak C/30; usually mounted on E-Boots and U-Boots]

    3×1 40/39 Vickers-Tenri 1915 (second hull), range 2km, dps:12  []

  • Maneuverability

Max Speed: 18 Knts

Turning Circle: 300mm

Rudder Shift time: 5.5s (first hull) 4.8 (second hull)