Type 59 G is Being Tested by WoT Xbox Developers

From forum user ExaminedGORE:

So I have received Pain confirmation that I am allowed to post this picture with Type 59 G sitting in garage. Picture was sent to me by one of the WG developer – not Pain and I won’t say who was that, for his own good to not get spammed with various PMs, lol. The way how this guy (in Furrno thread pics) was able to drive this tank for one battle was because someone from WG accidentaly gave him a Type 59 G instead of giving it to the event account. After WG noticed it, they taken it away from the player. Basically this player wasn’t supposed to drive this tank. No one was supposed to drive this tank. I have even been told that this tank doesn’t have its own in-game model so it’s possible that in-game it is invisible, or lacks physical model. It could also be one big black texture. No idea.

So here you go – Type 59 G in garage on WG developer account:

Happy? : P

Though don’t get your hopes high! The tank only exist because of the PC code. It wasn’t supposed to be on Xbox. Neither it is pretty unlikely that it will ever be sold or given in future.

I also wanted to oficially apologize to Furrno once again. By the amount of things I spotted up close I just couldn’t imagine it being real pictures thus why I decided to make a thread about it. There’s simply no explaination to those two black spots or the “V” touching premium circle. I’m really sorry.