Anton Pankov Q&A

-There was a bug with the experience for tanking: tanks with good armor like the E-100 recieved huge amounts of XP. We completed the formula, but we did not test it yet. The exact date of implementing it is unknown, but we will do it in one of the following patches.

-The render change from square to a circle is being worked on. We will first test it, to make sure that there are no bugs.

-There are features exclusive to WoT Blitz and Xbox, we want to add those to the PC version too. The console features have a higher priority, we will experiment them (Seb: because everyone told WG WoT Xbox did so many cool things :D)

-We always think about optimization when we implement something new.

-All our efforts are focused on Domination and Steel Hunt, not on fan modes.

-My favorite class is medium tanks – my favorite tank: M48A1.

-We will please the players on the 5th WG anniversary, but we do not want to spoil the surprise. Wait for an official announcement.