Gaijin banned a Youtuber

A popular WT Russian youtuber named Alconafter recieved reports from Gaijin employees, thus shutting his channel down. Why? Because he wanted to make a stream with an historical consultant. But now it looks like the situation is partially solved. Information was recieved that the complaints were withdrawn, but the channel is still banned.

More than that, even before sending complaints to Youtube, Gaijin blackmailed him to say only good stuff about WT.

Alconafter had 140k Youtube subscribers. He did not play only War Thunder, but also World of Warships, Armored Warfare, Blitzkrieg 3 and other games.

Please note that streamers like the Russian equivalent to Jingles (Jove) and many vkontakte pages criticise Wargaming for not implementing Havok, making unbalanced maps and few premium tanks. They do that openly, yet WG did not made any complaints. No group was closed (Seb: neither my blog lol, recieved absolutely nothing from WG). Now, you can see who is more loyal to their players.

Bad attitude from Gaijin. They wanted to turn a popular streamer into a slave! A person who advertised your game by doing streams, reviews and guides!…

There is a petition (unfortunately in Russian) you can sign in support for alconnafter (for unbanning him):