World of Warships – Average Damage Stats

Average damage statistics for the 0.3.1 patch. The current patch still has similar damage (and fire) mechanics, so this data is very much relevant. Tier six BB was chosen as a case study since it’s a good representation of the BB class overall. Additionally, the mighty Cleveland cruiser is also tier VI, and thus often encounters tier VI battleships.

Most effective way to destroy a battleship is still another battleship. Fire damage caused just 1/10 of total in-game damage to tier VI battleships — slightly more than a quarter of damage that’s being caused to them by the AP shells.

Battleships, naturally, cause most of their damage with mightly AP shells

Cruisers now cause most of their dagage with HE shells. And yet, the proportion of fires in the average damage that cruisers dish out to battleships is only around 1/5

Finally, destroyers. As you’d expect, they cause most of their damage with torpedoes. Fire damage constitutes only 1/20 of their average damage to battleships.