News from the WoWS Developer Thread

1) Cruisers won’t be nerfed.

2) Carriers are being looked at for balance.

3) Nagato and Cleveland have tiniest citadel hit boxes.

4) Yubari is likely to be buffed, right now it’s AA is sort of broken.

5) Fuso AA being examined for buffing.

6) Arkansas not being changed – learn to play it or sell it. It was a gift.

7) MM is considered working as intended. It just needs a lot of players, spread throughout the tiers to work. So it’s staying for now.

8) New Game Modes coming.

9) Night Fights not coming, at least for awhile.

10) Fire is working as intended, and will not be looked at.

11) WG considers 50% accuracy to be ‘exceptional’.

12) Border situation isn’t ideal, and is being looked at.

13) Omaha is considered lousy, and may be buffed.

14) Battleships are being looked at, fires won’t be touched. Play cruisers for now if you think they are better.

15) Furutaka is bad, nothing they’ve done to it seems to fix it yet…

16) Ramming mechanics are ok, but they are evaluating them constantly.

17) Des Moines may get a gun upgrade option.

18) No plans to make the game better looking – for now – more work on optimization for potatoes.

19) Kitakami is coming back – very soon.

20) No plan for ‘rigged’ MM to drop new vehicles at the top more often.. At least not in the short term.

21) “Rising Sun” flag won’t be in game to not offend some SEA countries.

22) They are aware of hideous railing and wire jaggies. But haven’t figured out how to fix it, or devote time to it.

23) HD Client a waste of time right now, as they are more interesting in potatoes having smooth ride.

24) Mikasa Premium coming with limited MM.

25) Pallada Class RU Cruiser will be premium.

26) They’d like to add the inability to sink due to shallows. (grounding)

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  1. If they keep manual drop then Increase the range of the AA. At lower tiers the AA starts shooting right before getting nuked.

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