Yuri Pasholok Q&A

Q: What will happen to the KV-4 when it will be modelled in HD since there are about 20 proposals? – (Seb: will add a link to them soon)

-The in-game KV-4 model is the one that won the contest, the Dukhov project. We will not change it to something else.

Q: Will T110E5 be replaced with MBT-70?

-It makes no sense.

Q: Are there enough strong tanks with thick armor (high tiers) left to be implemented in WoT?

-There are a few dozens. The objective of the game is to implement all the tanks in the world. But we will not make new branches „as fast as a machine gun”. It is not constructive. We need new game-modes. And if we introduce new tanks, they must be really interesting and unusual. And, in principle, some of the new trees lack high-tier tanks.

Q: Are there any plans to implement the Sturmpanzer PzKpfw III, IV and 38t?

-This is probably a question for the game design department. In principle, there is material for at least one branch, but then everyone should work harder.

Q: Is the TD based off IS-4 real?

-Almost not at all. But there were some plans to install 152 mm guns. I do not know, maybe there are some TDs.

Q: The Swedes and Italians will have separate tech trees?

-Everything is okay with the Swedish tech tree, but the Italian one is in a worse shape. But the main branch was made.

Q: Did the Japanese have high-speed, light tanks?

-In fact, their high-speed light tanks are already implemented in game. (Ha-Go, Ke-Ni, Ke-Ho)

Ha-Go, for example, was originally a cavalry tank. The Japanese tanks had drastic weight requirements (their landing ships were able to carry 16-17 tons). In principle, the tanks were good, very confortable for the crew, but the large focus on the navy and air force made itself felt.

Q: I saw in a folder Char 13t 75. Is there something new to be expected?

-As I said, the tank reserves are large, and not everything will be „operational”.

Q: Will there be a third Soviet branch?

-No, and I do not believe that there would be.

Q: Will there be a second French branch without autoloaders?

-They are unusual. There were three super heavy tank projects, and 2 of them reached the wooden mock-up stage.

Q: What are the possibilities that KV-4 proposals can be implemented on lower tiers? For example the Buganov proposal.

-Shasmurin designed a SPG. Plus there are two more TDs at least.

Q: How real were Rhm.Borsig and Waffentrager auf PzKpfw.IV? Paper projects or something real?

-Mostly paper, but the chassis of the Borsig „borscht” was actually built.

Q: Is there any data on the Chinese TDs? If so, how much of them and what kinds.

– In general, self-propelled chassis were based on the Soviet or Chinese derivatives. They look like Soviet SPGs.

Q: Can a „miracle” tank appear again in WoT? (Seb: like the Type 59 did hehe)

-Well, the balance department is not empty.

Q: Will the T58 Heavy Tank be implemented in the game or it needs a specific, substantial nerf?

-At this moment, it does not make sense to add it.

Q: Will E-10 have hydraulic suspension or the documents are wrong?

-Not before Strv. 103 (S-tank) will.

Q: Are there plans to implement the ZIS-30 in game?

I cannot say for now, but we already have the reference designs.

Q: Is Object 726 imbalanced as the object 279?
– Such an outline is really a dime in a dozen.