The Chieftain’s Hatch: Undergunned in Italy

Source: WoT NA portal

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Obj 260: The Soviet Heavy SPGs

Thanks to DeadArashi for sending this to us.

Greetings everyone, today I’m going to be doing this brief article to give some insight into the heavy SPGs designed to utilize the chassis of the Object 260 heavy tank, more commonly known as the IS-7. There were 4 designs mentioned to use the chassis:

  • Obj 261-1 (re-designated as Obj 261)
  • Obj 261-2 (re-designated as Obj 262)
  • Obj 261-3
  • Obj 263

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Frontline traditions of a peaceful holiday

Source: WoT RU portal

In war, men are especially appreciative of what is reminiscent of peace time and home. Therefore, one of the most important things in the trenches are objects that refer to a happy past: letters from home and any trinkets that you can carry in your pocket or knapsack. It’s no accident that soldiers in the war like peaceful pursuits – from farming to watching performances staged by comrades-in-arms.

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The T30’s Ammo Box

Aberdeen 1

The T30 heavy tank has vague information when it comes to ammunition load. Some claimed it’s only able to fire HE, some said it only has low penetrating AP round, while the others describe it as having high penetrating “M111 AP” and “M112 APCR” that can penetrate 276 mm and 320 mm of armor, respectively.

Some Problems

While some of them are true, there is so little explanation on how the T30 acquired such loadout or achieved such penetration, leading to “what if” situation where the shells are configured according to whatever related sources publicly available.

1. It only fires HE shell

The most common misconception about the T30 is that it only has HE shell. Some people claimed so due to the reason that it’s armed with a massive, but low velocity 155 mm T7 gun used for anti-fortification and destroying building, instead of dedicated anti-tank gun such as the 105 mm T5E1 mounted on the T29. Although it’s understandable since many referenced the source from R.P. Hunnicutt’s book; Firepower – A History of the American Heavy Tank.

Firepower: 155 mm T7
As you can see here, it only has a HE shell with unknown designation for the 155 mm T7.

2. It fires low penetrating AP round

Information available from certain WWII forum usually points out that the 155 mm “AP” fired from 155 mm T7 was unsatisfactory and only resulted in low anti-tank penetration performance from velocity loss. I will explain this later below.

3. “M111 AP” and “M112 APCR” that can penetrate 276 mm and 320 mm of armor

So far, it’s very popular as these rounds are available in World of Tanks, used by both T30 and T95, even goes so far that the T110E3 and T110E4 received a much improved version with E1 designation in the back that can penetrate 295 and 375 mm of armor.

These projectiles in particular are “M111” AP, and “M112” APCR. It’s interesting and confusing at the same time… The only known use of designation “M111” is a 105 mm APFSDS “Hetz” intended to penetrate the Soviet T-72. While the “M112” is actually an AP round of the 155 mm gun.


… It might be good time to explain this thoroughly.

Opening the Ammo Box

The weapon loadouts will be described as detailed as possible. But let’s start from the basics. The 155 mm T7 L/40 is a 155 mm gun of the T30 heavy tank, developed from a shortened 155 mm M1 L/45 “Long Tom”, conceived as early as 14 September 1944. It was developed alongside with the T29 heavy tank armed with 105 mm T5E1 L/65 gun.

14 Sept 1944

The T30 had up to 5 different ammunition available for use. Starting from M107 HE, M110 WP, M112B1 APBC-HE, T29E1 APCBC-HE, and finally T35E1 APCR. The specification will be listed as fired from the T7.


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The OP tanks of the past, part 2/2

Written by VeroxGaming for TAP

Link to part 1

Welcome to the part 2 of this article series, where we continue our journey by looking at the most OP tanks that have existed in WoT. As the last part of the series, we‘ll begin at tier 6, and end up at tier 10, where‘ll encounter some familiar, and some rather unheard of tanks, therefore concluding the series.

Thank you for all of the support on the first part, and I might have to address 2 things: first of all, premium tanks don‘t count, as WG didn‘t nerf them (with few exceptions), and the only way for them to fix the tank is to remove it from sales, secondly, I will not write about ALL the OP tanks, as some might slip under my radar, so please understand this, as the first part had a lot of comments about people saying I forgot certain tanks.

All aside, let’s begin with tier 6.

Tier 6

Bert the Avenger, the FV304 artillery

Oh Bert the Avenger, one of the most fun artilleries at the time. This little (literally) devil was renowned for having fast RoF, considerable stopping power and fast speed. It was also very fast, had great camo values, and that really helped out the tank, as the maximum firing rage of the gun was only 500m.
What made the Bert unique was not only its small profile, speed and gun, but its very high shell arc. Bert could hit targets that were hiding behind big rocks and even hills quite easily, which really helped the tank hit the roof of tanks, where the armor is the weakest.

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MLI-84M Mortar Variant: When you can’t put an old dog down

A silhouetted illustration from the patent of the 120mm mortar armed MLI-84M variant. The rear access doors are missing.

On the 25th of September, 2015, Pro Optica S.A. and MFA S.A. Mizil, two prominent Romanian defense companies, filed a patent for a new variant of the MLI-84M. The five inventors who were credited on the patent were Lespezeanu Ion, Jipa Vasile, Oțelea Traian, Șerbănescu Paul, and Mareș Marcel. This MLI-84M variant is equipped with a 120mm mortar and carries some unique features. There is no real name given to this variant, however, MFA’s official website has it listed under “Future Military products”, but the link leads to a couple of images of the MLVM variant with a 120mm mortar, a MLVM variant which MFA has deemed as one of their “Past Military products”.

MLVM armed with a domestic 120mm M1982 mortar. The newly discovered 120mm mortar armed MLI-84M variant is likely the spiritual successor of this vehicle. Image source:

MFA’s website refers to it as “120mm Mortar on MLI-84M chassis” and the patent refers to it as ‘Mașina de Luptă cu Sistem de Armament Tip Aruncator Calibru 120mm, Integrat’ which translates in English to ‘Fighting Vehicle with a 120mm Caliber Mortar Type Armament System’.

The purpose of this vehicle is to support ground forces directly by ensuring the annihilation and neutralization of enemy personnel, equipment, and positions using its 120mm mortar. In addition, the invention brings an increase of firepower, precision, mobility, and modularity. Presumably, compared to the 120mm mortar carrying MLVM variant which it may or may not be replacing.

So far, whether the vehicle design has been built, still in development, or the project was scrapped entirely is unknown.

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Soviet TD Branch Rework Proposal

Made by DeadArashi, our dear TAP reader.

So as people are probably aware by now WG are planning on changing and, rather frankly, screwed up the Obj 263 line. Personally I’m against the change as it removes a rather unique TD from tier 10. So I’ve been digging around trying to find anything and everything I can to put onto the line and I think I have the perfect solution now.

Obj 263 line

The “Obj 261” being at tier 8 will confuse people so I’ll do a quick history lesson on the 261 to clarify a mixup by WG (this info is also readily available on the Wiki)

The Obj 261 consisting of 3 designs on the Obj 260 (IS-7) chassis. These are:

  • Obj 261-1: an enclosed forward fighting compartment. It was to be armed with a 152mm M-31 with a muzzle velocity of 880m/s. It was later re-designated Obj 261.
  • Obj 261-2: a semi-enclosed rear fighting compartment. It was to be armed with a 152mm M48 with a muzzle velocity of 1,000m/s. It was later re-designated Obj 262.
  • Obj 261-3: a semi-enclosed rear fighting compartment. It was to be armed with a 180mm MU-1 with a muzzle velocity of 920m/s

And that’s the story behind the Obj 261 and also answers what the Obj 262 is. In short they will be visually similar to and play like the current tier 10 Obj 263. There really isn’t a whole lot of information on them other then a rough estimation on possible armor thickness of 150-215mm of frontal armor.

Impression of the Obj 261-1

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