Night vision on tanks (P)

Night vision (NV) is a military development. It was kept secret for a long time and used exclusively for military purposes. These technologies were introduced into the work of various military equipment, the most popular of which are tanks. Combining these combat vehicles with the NV made it possible to conduct night operations that took the enemy by surprise and gave them a significant advantage over him.

Information from history

The history of night vision on tanks began in 1942-1943. It was then that the German troops, waging a bloody world war, got the opportunity to equip their military equipment with NV devices. These devices were most often installed on modern, at that time, tanks, which were produced in huge numbers. This combination of combat vehicles and NV technologies could have been more effective since, at that time, night vision was just in its infancy. Despite this, the German troops received a particular advantage, helping them win essential battles. They upgraded their NV devices in the subsequent war years, but significant progress still needed to be made.

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