Romanian Tech Tree in World of Tanks – 2021 Proposal – Part 2: Light-Medium-Heavy Tank Branch – by davidblader

Part 1 –

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to part 2 of the 2021 Romanian tech tree proposal!
Part 1 has received very positive feedback, so I was very happy to make the second article. Big thanks to all of you for the support! It’s highly appreciated! 🙂

The old tech tree that I used in part 1. Click here for full quality.

The version 2.0 tree I am using for part 2. For full quality, see here.

Please read part 1 if you haven’t already, since it covers important general information about the tech tree (such as historical accuracy, vehicle originality, etc.), as well as the tank destroyer branch.

As you can see, I’ve made an improved tech tree version (’’version 2.0’’). That’s because in the meantime, I’ve come up with a better idea for the high tiers, which gets the tech tree rid of its old problems. Many thanks to’s member Doom_Pyramid for providing me with archive information about the high tier mediums!

In this article, I will first use the format of the old tech tree. At the end, I will compare it to the version 2.0 tech tree to show you why the latter would work better.

Medium tank branch

This time we’ll take a look at the medium tank branch Romania could get in World of Tanks. Romanian heavy tanks are also possible, stay tuned to see how.

The Romanian MT line contains many historically important vehicles which were not only mass produced, but also saw action during World War 2 and Cold War events. It also contains some proposed designs as well as a tank reconstructed from historical possibilities, which was mentioned in a book, the R-4 (more about it down below).

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World of Tanks – Romanian Tech Tree 2021 Proposal – Part 1: Tank Destroyer line – by davidblader

Part 2

Hello, everyone!

I am davidblader from the EU server and I want to share with you my newest proposal of a Romanian tech tree for World of Tanks. Multiple community members have shown proposals for such a tech tree over the last years, but here is my newest proposal, which, in my opinion, is the best we can make of the currently available material on Romanian tanks:

Tech tree image I made. Click here for full quality.

Why a Romanian tech tree?

There are multiple reasons why I think that a Romanian tree would be a great addition to the game:

First of all, it would contain some of the most unique vehicles in the game, both in terms of playstyle and design. There are unique high tiers as well as mid-tiers, the more unique branch being the TDs. Especially interesting are the two tier 10s. The tree will also contain many so-called ’’meme tanks’’ which the community will surely find very fun. Therefore, the Romanian tech tree will be attractive for the playerbase.

Secondly, Romania has a big historical contribution to the Second World War, some historians like Mark Axworthy and Dennis Deletant considering it Germany’s most important ally, or at least as important as Italy. And while I’m aware that World of Tanks isn’t supposed to be a historical World War 2 simulator, that’s the era where most of the game’s tanks come from.

Also, there is an important Romanian community in World of Tanks. This, along with the uniqueness of the vehicles, would mean that adding this tech tree would not only make a big part of the community happy, but also benefit Wargaming.

Historical accuracy

The tech tree is historical for World of Tanks standards, since the big majority of its vehicles were either produced or at least proposed. Out of the 14 tech tree vehicles, only one (the tier 5 MT) is partially (!) unhistorical, since it’s not exactly known what it would have looked like, so it is reconstructed based on historical possibilities. Its historical accuracy is higher than the Italian Progetto 46, which didn’t exist in blueprints, but is based on a general’s description of what the tank should look like, which means it does have some history behind it. There aren’t any made up tanks, like you’d find in some (or rather, in most) tech trees currently in the game.

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Purecycle’s Czechoslovakian Tech Tree – Part 1

Written by Purecycle for TAP:

I accept this challenge. (Also that 5/10 was a reference to TTS where Rogal Dorn made his review on the Codex Astartes, so bring me those laborers. Anyways…)


Hello, it is I Purecycle, the mysterious shitposter who only appears when the tide goes out and there’s a blue moon.

Some of you may know me as the guy who hates Wargaming’s design choices when it comes to implementing content for World of Tanks. And I’ve said in the past that I’ll never post my content and info simply because I was, (And still am.) disappointed that Wargaming has no interest in Implementing new Tech Trees for World of Tanks. Because no other nation is as glorious as the Soviet Union because they’re the masters of tank warfare.

But… With the most recent hint that Czechoslovakia will be getting its 2nd line after 6 years of blue balls, where Wargaming constantly stated that there weren’t enough tanks to make at least one new line. (But apparently it’s okay to make half of the British and American tanks premiums, killing off future lines and content, such as the American Heavium line and the British Auto-loading line. To name a few of the fallen…)

So I’ve dug up my old Czechoslovakian tech tree and found its original file after thinking it was lost. And me being curious, I’ve scoured the web to look and see if anyone had any updated info on Czechoslovakia’s tank development and if anyone had made tech trees of their own based on that info. And I found that a lot of work has been done and after putting my info and theirs together…

I’ve created this…

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