War Thunder – Farman F.222.2


The Farman F.222 is an early 1930s French high-winged heavy bomber, powered by four engines set up in an unconventional push-pull configuration. This very unique aircraft will be the first of its kind to be introduced into War Thunder with the upcoming 1.73 update.

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War Thunder – Soldati Class DD


Leaving shipyards just before the outbreak of WW2 and continuously being manufactured until 1943, the Soldati class destroyer was Italy’s most produced destroyer of the Second World War, forming the spearhead of Regia Marina’s destroyer force. Soon, participants of closed naval testing will be able to put the Soldati class through its paces again on the high seas of War Thunder!

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War Thunder – Arsenal VG.33


The Arsenal VG.33C-1 is another light fighter aircraft design, developed to quickly bolster the numbers of fighters available to the French Air Force in preparation for the expected Invasion of France in the 1940s. The VG.33C-1 is preparing to take to the skies with the introduction of the brand new French air research tree in War Thunder’s next upcoming major update!

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War Thunder – Caudron CR.714


The Caudron CR.714 is a lightweight, pre-WW2 fighter aircraft, developed to be mass produced quickly and at low cost, in hopes of increasing the number of aircraft available to the French Air Force. Soon, War Thunder pilots and fans of French aviation can look forward to the addition of the CR.714 to the ranks of the newly formed French aviation tree, coming to War Thunder in update 1.73 !

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War Thunder – Potez P.631


The Potez P.630 and P.631 are sibling heavy fighter designs, developed in the mid 1930s for the French military. At the outbreak of WW2, this aircraft, along with several others, formed the backbone of the French air force at the time. Coming with Update 1.73, the Potez P.631 will strive to take up this vital role once again with the introduction of the much anticipated French nation to War Thunder!

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