WoT RU: Tier 11 Tanks With New Shell Type

Prepare your warehouse shelves for new ammunition! APFSDS – armor-piercing fin-stabilized sub-caliber shells will be available for Tier XI tanks.


3 thoughts on “WoT RU: Tier 11 Tanks With New Shell Type

  1. These APFSDS shells can be implemented in two ways:
    – a brand new shell mechanic (which may pave the way for real HESH, HEP, APHE, etc. mechanics)
    – just an APCR round with higher shell velocity than any existing APCR in the game and wow-looking star-shaped holes.

    In the first case, my guess is APFSDS will negate space armour, meaning no matter how thick the screen is, it won’t deflect the trajectory of the shell due to its extremely high velocity. In the second case maybe it will have a bit different normalization angles (sth like 1 degree or no normalization at all).

    And yes, I’m perfectly aware this is Lesta and might never come to WoT EU/NA/Asia.

    1. The problem is that the old APFSDS shells could penetrate 540 mm of armor and the new types can penetrate 700-750 mm. I hope they would nerf them in WOT, because that penetration is absurd and game breaking.

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