WoT: Onslaught Light – Play With No Ranks in Tier VIII Vehicles!

From July 10 until July 24, join the Onslaught Light experimental mode via the mode selector! Play 7v7 in Tier VIII vehicles by the familiar Onslaught rules in a more relaxed, yet also more lucrative way: You never lose your progress and can bring along your Tier VIII Premium vehicles.

Onslaught Light

From July 10, 2024 at 03:30 (CEST) until July 25, 2024 at 05:00 (CEST)

How Is Onslaught Light Different?

  • Tier VIII only, except for SPGs and a few excluded vehicles of other types.
  • No ranks or qualification: With lower stakes, play for fun (and profit)!
  • Standalone event: not part of the Onslaught Year/Season cycles.
  • Credit and XP gain: as in Tier VIII Random Battles.
  • Premium vehicles allowed: All respective bonuses apply.
  • Event Progression: Play well, earn Progression Points (with no loss), and receive extra rewards!

How Is Onslaught Light Similar to the “Heavy” Mode?

  • 7v7 battles: more room to shine.
  • All Onslaught modifiers apply:
    • ↑ vehicle hit points ↑
    • ↓ consumables cooldown time ↓
    • ↓ dispersion at 100 m ↓
    • ↓ time remaining visible ↓
    • ↓ proximity spotting radius ↓
  • Platoons and Super Platoons: Play with a friend or in a pre-made team of seven commanders.
  • Fog of War: no info on the enemy team until their vehicles are spotted.
  • Pre-battle preparation: Select your vehicle and its configuration during the countdown.
  • Points of Interest: capture to use Tactical Skills (Divisional Radar, Artillery Strike).
  • Role Skills: These depend on your vehicle type and role. Accumulate Prestige Points in battle to build up their charge level.

Learn more about the Onslaught gameplay rules and mechanics in the game client.

Excluded Vehicles

Onslaught Light is an experimental mode, and some vehicles are unsuitable for this new format due to their combat roles. Plus, some tanks overperform at Tier VIII under the special battle conditions in the Onslaught format and can decide the outcome of battles, so we’ve excluded them from the mode.

Restricted Non-SPGs

Also excluded are all Tier VIII SPGs—as per the general Onslaught rules.

Event Progression

Onslaught Light has a 15-stage event Progression with nice rewards, including Experimental Equipment and components, bonds, credits, Personal Reserves, and more.

The Progression rewards also include the unique “Enlightenment” 2D style and “Artyless” and “W for Wictory” decals.

Onslaught Light Vehicle Customizations

Earning Progression Points is simple: everyone gets some (except the last two players by Prestige Points on the losing team). Also, you never lose Points.

Progression Points Distribution

Top 1 5 3
Top 2 5 3
Top 3 3 1
Top 4 3 1
Top 5 3 1
Top 6 1 0
Top 7 1 0

You can score even more Progression Points by completing daily Battle Missions in the mode.

Daily Battle Missions

1 Be among the top 5 players by Prestige Points earned over 3 battles Once per day 5 Progression Points
2 Cause a total of 12,500 HP of combined damage over any number of battles Once per day 20 Progression Points
3 Earn 800 Prestige Points over any number of battles Once per day 35 Progression Points

You can continue doing missions after you max out the mode’s Progression. Completing each mission will yield you 20 bonds.

Prepare your favorite Tier VIIIs for this fun and lucrative mode, Commanders!

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  1. they show the 2D reward camo on the Löwe tank, which you can’t play in this mode

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