WoT 1.25.1 Common Test: E 77 In-Game Screenshots & Historical Reference

E 77 (Germany, Tier-9, HT, Premium)

Historical Reference: This unnamed heavy tank project was considered as an alternative to the E-series. It was proposed to equip the tank with a compact gas turbine engine, place the transmission at the rear of the hull, and use cast manufacturing for the turret.

This combination would allow for a reduction in the vehicle’s combat weight and the installation of a more powerful gun. According to reports from the Soviet commission that worked in Germany after World War II, German engineers were also actively working on automated loading mechanisms. However, the end of the war halted many developments, including this unnamed project, which could have become a formidable opponent for the new generation of Soviet tanks.

7 thoughts on “WoT 1.25.1 Common Test: E 77 In-Game Screenshots & Historical Reference

    1. But the cupola makes it HiStOrIcAl.
      The cupola is pretty much the only historical thing about it.

    2. Cupola would be fine if the maps didn’t force tanks to fight point blank corridor brainless nonsense

      1. Gas turbine lol. The gas turbines at the time were in no way shape or form suitable for a ground vehicle. Their spool times were atrocious. This sounds like complete “sekret dokuments” nonsense.

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