WoT Supertest: LPT-67 Detailed Stats + Historical Reference

LPT-67 (Czechoslovakia, Tier-9, LT, techtree, mechanic: autocannons with unique firing mechanics) was released on the WoT EU supertest on May 16. The tank features new automatic gun mechanics.
57 mm RShR-57 x2:

  • Total drum reload time: 19.18 s
  • Reload time between shells: 0.05 s
  • Number of shells in drum: 75
  • Damage per second: 240
  • Continuous fire rate: 1200


  • Dispersion from firing per second: 1.25
  • Maximum dispersion from firing: 10.00
  • Rate of fire: 196.72
  • Aiming time: 1.92 s
  • Gun elevation angles: -7°/+20°
  • Accuracy at 100 m: 0.38
  • Dispersion after firing: 3.00
  • Dispersion upon damage: 2.00
  • Dispersion from movement (max): 0.12 (7.44)
  • Dispersion from hull rotation (max): 0.12 (5.63)
  • Dispersion from turret rotation (max): 0.08 (4.59)
  • Ammo capacity: 1200

Shell Type 1: AP:

  • Penetration: 180 mm
  • Penetration at 500 m: 170
  • Shell velocity: 800
  • Damage: 12
  • Average damage per minute: 2361
  • Module damage: 6
  • Cost per shell: 50 credits

Shell Type 2: APCR:

  • Penetration: 240 mm
  • Penetration at 500 m: 220
  • Shell velocity: 1000
  • Damage: 9
  • Average damage per minute: 1770
  • Module damage: 4
  • Cost per shell: 50 credits

Shell Type 3: HE:

  • Penetration: 50 mm
  • Shell velocity: 720
  • Damage: 25
  • Average damage per minute: 4918
  • Module damage: 10
  • Cost per shell: 50 credits

Historical Reference:

The Czechoslovakian LPT-67 tank was developed based on the German Spähpanzer concept. The hull design mirrored Soviet vehicles like the PT-76B and BTR-50, but with significantly enhanced frontal armor. To ensure mobility, a turbocharged diesel engine based on the Soviet UTD-25 engine, delivering around 600 hp, was planned. The tank used a unique suspension system with six single road wheels, three supporting rollers per side, and telescopic hydropneumatic shock absorbers. This setup allowed the 17-20 ton vehicle to reach speeds of up to 70 km/h. Its firepower came from twin automatic 50 or 57 mm cannons. However, the project was abandoned for technical and economic reasons. The tank was not amphibious, could not counter helicopters and assault aircraft, and its production costs were high.

Detailed Mechanics of Continuous Fire System Guns:

The LPT-67 is equipped with twin guns. This type of armament isn’t new to the game. The tank benefits from the new mechanics: high rate of fire with minimal individual shell damage. The guns fire alternately with a reload time of 0.05 seconds between shells. The high rate of fire introduces a new parameter—damage per second. Currently, at Tier 10, the average damage per second is 240, assuming all shells penetrate. The poor accuracy and penetration will encourage players to flank enemies to maximize damage output.

Additionally, the tank will have a new sight that shows the magazine’s fill level.

This new mechanic will also appear on Tier 8 and 10 tanks in the new Czechoslovakian light tank line. The transitional Tier 7 tank will not have this mechanic. The premium Tier 8 tank also features twin guns with this mechanic.


  • 3 members: Commander (Radio Operator), Gunner (Loader), Driver.

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