WoT RU: New Premium Tank To Get Soon From The Battle Pass Special Chapter (M-VII-Y)

From August 30

“Red fury” and her loyal team are ready to burst into our game. Yes, burst in with the M-VII-Y, the new tier VIII premium heavy tank, and its unique 3D style “Winged Gull” — it’s just amazing!

Meet the new unique commander — “Red Fury”

As you might have guessed, the special chapter is inspired by the thematic comic series “Red Fury.” The series focuses on the professional thief and special agent Nika Chaikina!

Chapter Rewards

The pinnacle of the basic reward line will be the M-VII-Y, a tier VIII premium heavy tank.

Completing the improved reward line will make this acquisition even better, as you will receive the special 3D style “Winged Gull,” unique crew members, 2D styles, decals, and inscriptions.

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