WoT Supertest: Vz. 68 Detailed Stats & Historical Reference

Vz. 68 (Czechoslovakia, Tier-8, LT, premium, autocannons with unique firing mechanics) was released on June 6 for the WoT EU Supertest. The tank features a new automatic weapon system mechanic.

Stats influenced by the automatic weapon system:

  • Full magazine reload time: 19.18 seconds
  • Reload time between shells: 0.04 seconds
  • Number of shells in the magazine: 100
  • Damage per second: 220
  • Rate of continuous fire: 1,650 rounds per minute


  • Dispersion from firing per second: 1.25
  • Maximum dispersion from firing: 10.00
  • Rate of fire: 263.44 rounds per minute
  • Aiming time: 2.11 seconds
  • Gun depression/elevation angles: -6/+20 degrees
  • Accuracy at 100 meters: 0.38
  • Dispersion after firing: 3.00
  • Dispersion when damaged: 2.00
  • Dispersion from movement (max): 0.12 (6.36)
  • Dispersion from hull traverse (max): 0.12 (5.01)
  • Dispersion from turret traverse (max): 0.08 (3.50)
  • Ammo capacity: 1,600

Shell Types:

  1. AP Shells:
    • Penetration: 180 mm
    • Penetration at 500m: 170 mm
    • Shell velocity: 800 m/s
    • Damage: 8
    • Average damage per minute: 2,108
    • Module damage: 4
    • Cost per shell: 50 credits
  2. APCR Shells:
    • Penetration: 240 mm
    • Penetration at 500m: 220 mm
    • Shell velocity: 1,000 m/s
    • Damage: 5
    • Average damage per minute: 1,317
    • Module damage: 3
    • Cost per shell: 50 credits
  3. HE Shells:
    • Penetration: 50 mm
    • Shell velocity: 720 m/s
    • Damage: 14
    • Average damage per minute: 3,688
    • Module damage: 7
    • Cost per shell: 50 credits

Historical Reference: In response to the Western European program for airborne tanks (Spähpanzer), the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic considered several armament options for its light vehicles. The most promising was the twin-mounted 30-57 mm autocannons with better penetration shells. Initially, the requirements included amphibious capabilities, but increased armor negated this. Emphasis was on high mobility and a small frontal profile for battlefield survivability. The project did not enter production due to economic reasons.

Detailed Information on Continuous Fire Weapon System Mechanic: The Vz. 68 features twin guns, a first in the game. This gives the tank a new mechanic: high rate of fire with minimal shell damage. The guns fire alternately with a 0.04-second reload between shells. Due to the high rate of fire, a new parameter was introduced – damage per second. Currently, the premium has an average of 220 damage per second, assuming each shot penetrates. The gun’s poor accuracy and penetration encourage flanking to deal damage.

Additionally, the tank will have a new reticle indicating the magazine fill level.

This new mechanic will also appear on Tier 8, 9, and 10 tanks in the new Czechoslovakian light tank branch. The Tier 7 transitional tank will not have this mechanic.

Crew: 3 members:

  • Commander (Radio Operator)
  • Gunner (Loader)
  • Driver

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