WoT 1.25.1 Common Test: New Medal For Trees Felled

“Iron Lumberjack” —

• Awarded for N trees felled.
• Trees felled in Random and Ranked Battles, as well as in Offensives, Skirmishes, on the “Frontline,” in the “Onslaught” mode, and on the Global Map count towards this achievement.
Congratulations! You have set a record for the number of trees felled in the game and beyond. Keep it up!

7 thoughts on “WoT 1.25.1 Common Test: New Medal For Trees Felled

  1. Some players joked about the game needing an achievement for trees felled in the early 2010s, glad it’s finally here but Jesus why did it take so long?

    1. You should have a high number from all the red line camping and nest building in your heavy tanks

      1. Yes, because the statistics for this is gathered already since the beginning of the game.
        At some point there was an option already to see how many trees you have destroyed and talks about introducing this medal was at least 10 years ago.

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