The best Esports warfare games (P)

When it comes to Esports games involving warfare, the old meets the new to form a thrilling form of entertainment. Historic battle machines meet modern day maps, all controlled by state-of-the-art tech as teams do battle for supremacy. Esports has emerged as a genuine avenue of entertainment with streams of tournaments involving games like DOTA 2, Starcraft, Rocket League, and FIFA going out to millions around the world.

But if it is online competitive warfare you are looking for in the Esports world, then look no further than Call of Duty and Counter-Strike. The two legendary game titles have been transformed onto the online competitive stage and are two of the hottest titles to follow on the Esports scene.

Call of Duty

The first ever title of this popular franchise was released on 29th October 2003. A collaboration between Infinity Ward and Activision brought a game recreation of World War II and paved the way for 21 more CoD games to the present day. It was only a year later that the online adventure for Call of Duty began. Following the release of Call of Duty: Finest Hour, players were given a first glimpse of online battle. Released on the PlayStation 2, the multiplayer lobby could hold up to 32 players at a time.

Fast forward twenty years, and teams are now doing battle in online deathmatches, displaying some of the sharpest reactions and shooting skills on the planet. Two teams of four players on each side compete to the death on the latest maps published by Activision. Currently, Atlanta FaZe are the best ranked team followed by New York Subliners and if you are interested in betting on Esports, also watch out for Los Angeles Thieves and OpTic Texas who have both won the Call of Duty Championship in the last seven years. Much like with Esports, betting on Esports games like CoD has become commonplace over the past years and the market is continuing to expand.


Like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike also celebrated its inception in the 2000’s. The first version was released on 9th November 2000 and so far, there have been 10 titles to hit the shelves and online stores. And like Call of Duty, Esports Counter-Strike athletes dive into a high-definition map to do battle in teams of five. Although both are remarkably similar in their setups and game play, each franchise has its own range of unique weapons and maps.

Pure mental ability

Unlike traditional sports, Esports harnesses the ability of the mind over the body. Razor-sharp reactions and long spells of concentration are required to be the best with split second decision making often being the difference between life and death (in the virtual world). Another reason these games prove extremely popular is that they also contain a strong element of teamwork and communication, which only adds to the drama.

4 thoughts on “The best Esports warfare games (P)

  1. Wot can never be export because they have rng so it is not a skill based game and WG allow cheats to exist…

    1. that’s where your wrong,
      it is a e-sport the main issue was that the competitive format was never used in game (7 v 7 tier 10)
      now your seeing it used in 2 or 3 modes and is really showing the skills and creativity of tier 1 players.
      FYI CS has RNG to.

      1. It’s not wrong it’s fact. I suggest you stfu about things you don’t know or understand.

  2. Razor-sharp reactions which mean little with 25% RNG on pen, dmg, to hit etc………….WOT is not an e -Sport game no matter how offend they say e-sports in their articles. Plus what events they do have pale in payouts compared to all other games. Dota 2 $349,853,572.22, Fortnight $182 814 318.21.
    Even Freefire with 92 Tournaments paided out over 16 million to WOTS 94 Tournaments with 6 million in prizes.

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