WoT: Playtest of The New Crew Skill System

Today the next Crew test started. The test will last from June 10 to June 20 on a separate server “New Perk System (beta)”. The client is available to all those who managed to submit an application. This version of the client is distributed only in English.

– If you submitted an application, but you do not have a client. Try installing it using the code in WGC: WOT.PTE2.UNION@https://wgus-wgie.wargaming.net
– If you have not submitted your application, you will not be able to enter the game.

The skill system itself has undergone minor changes compared to the previous iteration. But still very important changes that will greatly affect progress. One of the most interesting things is the opportunity to upgrade the skills of crew members with several specializations.

New skills will improve your performance in battle. Improving the basic parameters of the crew and reducing the upper and lower thresholds of damage spread and armor penetration spread can greatly affect the outcome of the battle.

In general, a certain individuality appears and most likely players will train unique skill sets, because… meta will be difficult to find among such choices and restrictions.

Of course, we noticed that some bloggers do not like the system, for individual reasons rather than any one global problem. Our opinion is that the system needs to be introduced and refined over time.

2 thoughts on “WoT: Playtest of The New Crew Skill System

  1. i find its ok, how many games do we need to play?? the red team is strictly Bots but more aggressiive than the DDAY bots.

  2. They couldve just made it on the common test server instead and adapt stuff… not making us download and use 70gb extra disk space. Unnecessary

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