WoT Supertest: Felice In-Game Screenshots & Historical Reference

Felice (Italy, Tier-9, MT, premium) entered the WoT supertest on May 29. The tank has no mechanics.

Historical reference:

After World War II, a hard-hit Italy was unable to invest significant funds into tank construction. By the late 1950s, the country had several experimental concepts and a fleet of American M47 tanks, which by that time did not meet firepower, mobility, and armor requirements.

The company responsible for licensed production and maintenance of M47 tanks was tasked with solving the problem. Concepts for the Prototipo-6 and Controcarro-1 projects were used as a basis. To mount the heavy turret of the Controcarro-1, which was suited to heavy artillery systems, it was necessary to lengthen the base of the Prototipo-6 and increase the power of the engine. The power unit was replaced with an American air-cooled diesel engine by reworking the top of the engine-transmission compartment. Various components and items of equipment were sourced from the M47. The project for the new vehicle was presented to decision-makers of the Italian Armed Forces in 1964; however, it did not enter mass production.

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