WoT 1.25: Addition of EU5 and EU6 Servers

To provide the best performance and enhance your gameplay experience during the event, we’ll launch additional servers: EU5 and EU6. These servers will be available for a limited time and will help avoid any possible player queues or server issues.

• EU5 – Germany, Frankfurt am Main.
• EU6 – Germany, Frankfurt am Main.

10 thoughts on “WoT 1.25: Addition of EU5 and EU6 Servers

  1. they already reduced the eu1 and 2 servers’ capacity because of the declining player numbers, so now they have to set up temporary servers even for some mid ass pve event lmao

    1. I’m genuinely curious – are WG so delusional that a PvE event (be it D-Day themed) will bring players in the game to such an extent, that the servers will get overflown by players and new servers need to be opened? Like are they for real, or they are making this up??

      1. They need to do the opposite. When everyone playing the pve the queue times will be wank

      2. if you have played world of tanks in the past 6 years, you dont have to ask if they are delusional or not lmao

  2. You guys don’t know how much computing power is needed for one single match. And every single player is equal to one match at the same time. Do you get an idea how much computing power that takes? And I remember that every event of that nature ends up with lots lag spikes on the first days just because of that. So its absolutly fine to set up two servers. Idealy players have to switch to EU5 and EU6 just for that PVE mode.

    1. What you think WG are poor Romanians?
      They make billions of money from wot lmao

      1. well, aren’t you a ray of sunshine of exemplary empathic human being.. denigrate the Romanians while having that name… hope you will never procreate.. of if you do, hope you get what you hate 🙂

  3. Since you guys seems to be clueless…They are preparing ground for NA server closure and this is average corporate bs to not scare playerbase. Sheesh its really not that hard to check the data and what steps they are taking last 2-3 years.

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