WoT Supertest: Changes to Steppes

Currently, the direction located in the west of this map (and partially covered in shallow water) offers somewhat limited opportunities for advancing and approaching the enemy. This often leads to the southern team choosing to push the eastern direction.

The proposed changes to the topography of the western direction create more options for both sides here, making it easier to advance and also allowing for more diverse play.

BeforeAfter A After B

Before After A After B Before After A After BBeforeAfter AAfter B

6 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Changes to Steppes

    1. I don’t see so much hull down, but more possibilities for sidescraping. as this is the HT corner anyway, it will not change THAT much.

  1. So many map changes in supertest and not a single one hitting a common test is just saf

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