11 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: E 77 In-Game Screenshots

  1. A guy named Nishi Kinuyo talks about wehraboos when there are whole techtree lines which are pure fantasy and fanservice (eg all mid-high Tier polish tanks or czech tanks or jp tds). The comment section of this Blog is meme in itself.

      1. Or the headlight guy… Or the BZ176 guy… Or the russophobe guys… Or the russophile guys…

    1. what does that have to do with anything else?
      you do realize this thing is based on a tank invented in a game many years ago, right?
      and it isn’t the first fictional tank on the German tech tree
      – the original Panther II (before the remodel)
      – E-50M (it is a what if)
      – some of the arty’s and the Grille 15 TD (was it a tank destroyer or artillery piece? most likely the second)
      – the tier 10 Waffentrager E-100
      – etc
      even the VKs 16.02 and 28.01 are mashups of different ideas (unhistorical guns, turrets, engines, etc)

        1. no, wargaming assumed they took a vague description and made a what if evolution of the E-50, they even posted an article about that
          it is not completely fake but isn’t really originated from a specific plan by the Germans

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