WoT: Updated View of The Player Profile Of The Game Website

After the release of the updated achievements window in May 2023, we finally got to the player’s personal profile page in WoT. It only took a year to update the site and add a new rating system.

This update does not bring much more information. To a large extent, just like in the game, it adds a display of your favorite medals, as well as a new Rating system.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of useful information missing here that could be shown to the player, just like in the game itself.

6 thoughts on “WoT: Updated View of The Player Profile Of The Game Website

  1. I wonder if WG willingly ignores their in-game statistic charts are one of the biggest contributors to toxicity. In this game it’s so easy to come across muppets who have a pathological need to attack teammates and opponents for their account statistics.

  2. Those profiles are a piece of turd, they mean absolutely nothing they are designed to have shitty players feel better about their shitty stats, they reinforce the stat padding at the expense of the the game play and the team play, every tosser on that game is aiming at the 3 marks they are stuffed with mods and will prioritised their dmg over winning, that brings up all that toxicity of idiots cancer gameplay, with lights farming dmg, heavies camping etc…
    This is made worse with their shitty games.

    That game is dead… 25k player on a server at 23h…. pathetic

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