WoT: BT-42 & Tiger II (T) Description/Historical Reference

BT-42 Jatkosota HS (Germany, Tier-5, LT, premium)Changes relative to base 1.24.1
• Name: from “BT-42” to “BT-42 Jatkosota HS”
• Short name: from “BT-42” to “BT-42 Jatk.”

• New Description/Historical reference:

Having started life as the BT-7 Soviet light tank, the BT-42, also known as “Christie Rynnäkkötykki”, assumed its new form after being captured and repurposed by the Finnish Army in 1941-2.

Its compact size means it accommodates a three-woman crew: Commander Mika, Gunner/Loader Aki, and Driver Mikko in Jatkosota High School’s sensha-dō team. Most effective when fighting to the rousing kantele melody of Säkkijärven Polkka, the BT-42 excels in close combat, where its high-caliber howitzer can really shine. The BT-42’s moment of glory came during the Battle for Oarai, when its Christie suspension allowed it to keep running even without its tracks and heroically take out a platoon of M26 Pershings from Hand-Picked University Team.

Tiger II Kuromorimine (Germany, Tier-7, HT, premium).

Changes relative to base 1.24.1
• Title: from “Tiger II (T)” to “Tiger II Kuromorimine”
• Short name: from “Tiger II (T)” to “Tiger II Kuro.”

• New Description/Historical reference:

One of the most formidable vehicles of the latter stages of the Second World War, the Tiger II—also known as the Königstiger or King Tiger—takes pride of place in Kuromorimine Girls’ High School’s sensha-dō arsenal; its fearsome gun, capable of dealing devastating damage, as well as its robust armor, make it perfectly suited to the Nishizumi’s approach to tankery that Kuromorimine excels at, with an emphasis on precise attack and impenetrable defense. The Tiger II was integral to Kuromorimine’s success in the National Sensha-dō High School Tournament and, under the command of Erika Itsumi, also played a valiant role in Kuromorimine’s subsequent defeat to Oarai in the 63rd tournament’s finals.

• New detailed description:

Thanks to its durable armor and powerful weapon, the vehicle will become a serious contender on the battlefield. However, when choosing a strategy, you should take into account the low speed and maneuverability indicators. Don’t let the enemy outflank you.

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    1. Like the TMNT stuff is any better? Geeeeet splaffed. At least this anime crap directly relates to tanks, and anyway, seeing how many of them are in queues, the VAST majority of people disagree with us. We slavelings will continue to play as always.

      1. Yep. TMNT had nothing to do with tanks, wheras Girls Und Panzer is 100% about tanks.

        Dang, I am freaking loving the anime crews, I am considering reading the Manga if they have one.

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