5 thoughts on “WOT Express Possibly Hinting New Nations Again (Switzerland and Hungary)

  1. Might just be able to squeeze in Taifun II in as a tier 10 Swiss TD. Get also see WG doing an armoured car line based on varies other designs by Mowag

  2. If there is a chance that wg put hungarian Line in the game, than pls use Krisztián Bíbor’s propose

  3. So a screenshot from 2018 is a wot express leak that two new lines are coming in 2025 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Nar but between COVID and WG having to “split” out of Russia, and also just knowing how fast they get anything done, a 7 yr delay isn’t that unlikely

  4. How will they implement two new nations after they close the developement in 2025? (also wotexpress)

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