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      1. Typically for a westerner leftard, you can’t be hypocritically enough unless you signal it, so people see how full of shit you are.

            1. People like you with your sick pedo fantasy need to be strung up to the nearest lamp post and hung into you are dead.

              1. You are full of shit, leftard. If you have so much against a cartoon, go watch 10 year old girls twerking, Netflix got you covered.

                1. The only one here who’s full of shit is you, clown. Go hide in your incel hole, where you belong.

                  1. Go watch the bear sex scenes from the Baldur’s Gate, you degenerate furry leftard. Or gay porn, or whatever the fuck you are into.

                    1. > or whatever the fuck you are into

                      I’m into WoT like every other decent user in this blog, unfortunately it has been some times since toxic clowns (like someone here in this convo) have turned it into the average 4chan subforum.

                    2. @Anonymous, good for you , fucker, as long as you let the other people enjoy whatever the fuck they enjoy. But i don’t understand what does that have to do with me? If you dislike so much this “toxicity” then talk to the retards above, who associate the anime with pedophilia.

    1. Anti-Asian racism still pervades especially US culture. What may partially drive the hatred is envy, as explained in a 2024 article by Moncrieff & Lienard. When we combine their finding with the tendency of Western nations to (incorrectly) paint Asians overall as the model minority, it seems the gentlemen are onto something. Plus the “model minority” stereotype is not entirely incorrect when you compare median household income of Asian-Americans to non-Hispanic Whites ($75k). If you use 2022 US Census data, the number of ethnicities with median household income above $75k is quite substantial: 16 (Indian [$152k] > Taiwanese [$123k] > Filipino [$110k] > Pakistani [$106k] > Chinese [$100k] > Sri Lankan [$96k] > Nepalese [$92k] > Korean [$91k] > Hmong [$88k] > Japanese [~$88k] > Indonesian [$87k] > Cambodian [$86k] > Thai [~$86k] > Vietnamese [$84k] > Bangladeshi [$80k] > Laotian [$78k].

      1. Wtf are you taking about?!
        I don’t see anyone calling the Japanese racist yet Japan is 97.7% Japanese.
        Sounds like they have a race problem to me bud.

        1. Westerners and Asians are similarly racist towards each other, however it’s usually Westerners who are loud about it.

          1. You don’t know who here is what you refer to as “westerner” so stfu and go drink some raw milk

            1. I highly doubt Westerners make up a minority of users visiting this website based on how many more players make up the NA and EU servers. Even if we consider the number of players who do not connect to their native server (i.e., NA player connecting to NA server), I would be hard pressed to say these individuals are exceptions than norms. If you consider the ultimate goal of video games, it is not unreasonable for most to avoid connecting to servers with worse latency. But if you could point to some reliable metric/proxy that explains otherwise, I am all ears. I love data.

          2. Both are equally vocal about it. It is just that Eastern nations (namely Korea and Japan) tend to frown upon loud (per se) individuals. Plus, many of these cultures are homogenous, so there is no need to reiterate the obvious. In other words, if everyone is racist, what is there to be vocal about? They, too, are people, so they have their own matters to attend to.

        2. had asked why so many people disliked anime, so I offered a putative underpinning by drawing on recent psychological research and publicly available socioeconomic data. To summarize my explanation, part of the hatred of anime (which I think is associated with anti-Asian racism) could be explained by non-Hispanic Whites being envious (read: jealous) of Asians because a significant number of Asian-American ethnicities have larger or substantially larger income. I am not sure what point you are attempting to make with your second statement, but it seems misplaced and grossly irrelevant. Perhaps you could clarify its significance/relevance.

    2. The answer is simple : Competition. Disney and the western entertainment can’t produce anything anymore, beside woke shit. So when you see some soy fucktard going “mUh PeDoPhIlIa REEEEEEEE” about anime, know that he is some corposlave libtard activist. They are seething with envy because anime and the Asian entertainment is actually good.

    3. They look like little girls, dress like little girls and act like little girls and take place in school for minors. I dunno man….sounds really creepy and cringe to me.

      1. Really. They look like little girls, huh?! From what i see, they look like 16 year old teenagers , but with a cutesy and girly art style meant to be wholesome comedy/fantasy content. There is nothing remotely hentai about them to have a reason to complain. Bud, you have issues, seek help.

        1. You’re the one who seems to be having a hissy fit and being obsessed with justifying your little pedo fetish…

      2. Tell me do you always have these kinds of thoughts of sexual nature when you see little girls.

  1. Looks like a fun little collab. I am looking forward to getting those dark yellow camos to put on a few tanks.

  2. I ve never seen this anime before despite being anime fan maybe because its childish a bit or it seems to be…

    So my question is what are those factions WG wants me to choose

    1. basically the “factions” are just different schools in the show. Its literally just interschool sports but in tanks

        1. No, it shouldn’t. Unless they make it an event where you need to pick a faction to represent or something

        1. Thank you for the constructive criticism. I’ve reviewed it and I don’t give a fuck. If you need me, I’m going to go watch Boku no Pico again

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