WoT Supertest: Outpost Map Balance Adjustments

How would your strategy adapt to these changes?

  • Heavy tank positions in the city area have expanded, providing more tactical choices. Plus, access to the upper part of the city is now available, opening up new maneuvering possibilities.

  • A new building was created in square B3 which changes the shot lines from the center in the castle zone.


  • Squares K7-K8 and H0 now offer new positions specifically for medium tanks, allowing them to close in on enemy tanks positioned on hillsides.
    Please note that the changes might not make it into the game.

13 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Outpost Map Balance Adjustments

  1. Never heard of it. Was this called something else before, then removed from the game?

    1. The map is new actually. Maybe you didn’t play the game lately. It is impossible to not see it.

    2. It’s a fairly new map and has always been called “Outpost”, shows up often in the rotation too. Maybe you have it banned?

  2. This map is like Overlord, morons went to the city by the river like they went to the beach. The city is useless and not going to the city makes reaching the castle meaningless.
    The castle had 3 shooting spots down to the river, only one to the lake and one north and south. Pushing the river and just holding up the castle is always a win.
    Nevertheless, we couldn’t care less about this one but the apes at WG can’t be bothered to fix Mines or Tundra that have been beneficial to the northen team.

    It’s simple, so the fixing BS.
    Bring back the old maps as well, meta, tanks , everything hads changed since the maps gave been removed.

    That would be 60+ maps in the daily rotation, not twice often would it

    1. Mines is unplayable if arties are present, and it (and Ensk) should be low tiers only like Province. It’s too small for tanks above Tier 6.

      Tundra is one of the most corridor-heavy maps in the game and massively favors heavy tanks and armored tank destroyers.

      There’s other bad ones but these are some of the worst. Outpost is nowhere as toxic and I hope the planned changes will make it more enjoyable to play.

        1. yes, why solve the problem when you can just hide it under the block function, right? until we can block all except a single map, it wont be sufficient as a solution, since the number of trash 3 lane corridor maps, or maps that shouldnt be in matchmaking above tier 6 outnumber the actually good maps by far.

          shut the fuck up clown ass

          1. You get what you pay for. So stop playing and paying.
            It’s really not that difficult but cúnts like you keep paying for WG trash so 🤷🏼‍♂️

        2. This is the kind of dumb take WG loves – hide the problem (and pay to hide it, since map ban slots come with premium account and WoTPlus) rather than fix it. Good job.

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