WoT: Cut Content of Japanese TDs

We are interested in tiers 3 and 4, as well as premium tier 6. These tanks already surfaced many years ago during the initial development of the Japanese tank destroyer branch. In consoles, some of the “lost tanks” were released recently.

On April 30, a branch of Japanese tank destroyers was released in the console version of WoT. For the most part, it consists of the same tanks. Only starts at tier 3 and has a new tier 6 premium TD.

• Type 5 Ho-Ru (Japan, Tier-3, TD, techtree)
• Ho-Ni I (Japan, Tier-4, TD, techtree)
• Type 3 Ho-Ni III (Japan, Tier-5, TD, techtree)
• Type 95 Ji-Ro (Japan, Tier-6, TD, techtree)
• Shi-To SP (Japan, Tier-7, TD, techtree)
• Ho-Ri 2 (Japan, Tier-8, TD, techtree)
• Ho-Ri 1 (Japan, Tier-9, TD, techtree)
• Ho-Ri 3 (Japan, Tier-10, TD, techtree)

• Type 5 Ka-To (Japan, Tier-6, TD, premium)

Previously on PC the branch consisted of:
Type 5 Ho-Ru at tier 2
Type 1 Ho-Ni I at tier 3 

Type 5 Ka-To at tier 6 in the form of a techtree tank
Also in the thread were:
• Type 5 Na-To
• A tier 10 tank that never saw the light of day

These tanks surfaced in the Chinese segment because… their development was carried out at that time by the Kongzhong company.

* Tanks have their own unique serial numbers for the WoT Console, so they do not apply to us. Although they could have been released as collectible vehicles, the tanks of which were safely abandoned by the developers.

3 thoughts on “WoT: Cut Content of Japanese TDs

  1. “Although they could have been released as collectible vehicles” I still don’t understand why they didn’t do this for some of the new tank trees that they have released since the tech tree clean up back in 2020. One could argue it was to save time, money, and resources for WG so they didn’t have to worked on a whole branch, but imo they really don’t care since low tier do absolutely nothing for them monetary wise. A shame some meme machines and tanks that most likely should be in game will never see the light of day.

  2. Way dent Pc get these Cut Content of Japanese TDs” to. Consoles,has a lot of tanks pc does not have . Hope they can add these to pc to alone with the German TDs ”

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