The Fun of War Games and The Enjoyment of Getting Back to Basics (P)

War games are immensely popular across the globe with avid fans from all age groups squaring up to do battle in many virtual realities either against each other or a common AI foe. It is not just the strategizing or the playing of the games that is found by many to be so enjoyable. With the graphics bringing these realities to life and revealing new worlds to conquer, they are also incredibly attractive to watch.

However, it is important to note that not all games started out this way, proving that a game does not have to be overly attractive to still be immensely playable. Old war games of the past were simplistic in their design, but the mission was still very much the same. To divide and conquer and come out always on top whether you are playing against a partner or the machine itself.

#1 Modern war games

Modern war games, whether they are PC or console are incredibly detailed in their graphics and fully immersive to play. Games like these provide the perfect tool when it comes to unwinding and blowing off some steam in an FPS scenario. This is regardless of whether you are playing them, or being entertained by watching how the games of others unfold, possibly over a livestream.
Although there are some that are relatively basic, including the ideas behind them, they can also be complicated – especially those games that are strategy-based. This might involve the building of forces, weaponry, and capabilities and adds an extra dimension to the war games that seem to dominate the console best-seller lists. As a consequence, these games are often played over a longer format and require a level of dedication when training and developing your characters and troops.

#2 Moving your mind back to basics.

Depending on your age, you may or may not have experienced the more basic war game of yesteryear. These games have little to please the eye, with less than masterful graphics available for today’s gamers. However, there are still areas, such as the strategies required to complete levels, that can be entertaining and compelling. These games can provide a new and enjoyable experience too, for those just starting out on their war gaming mission. For those who were brought up in the era, it can be a nostalgic journey, especially when revisiting old favorites.

#3 Relatively quick games

Although, as mentioned above, the more modern war games take time and effort and can be immensely time-consuming, the older retro versions are generally much quicker. This is probably due to the tech that was available at the time to the game designers and creators as well as the way in which they were available to players. For instance, a cartridge or CD will hold far less information than you can download from the internet to your cloud technology, and these were just how the games were stored.
Another main difference is that if you wanted to play a multiplayer version of the game, your component would have to be sat in the same room as you and be connected to the same console. Nowadays, you are able to connect and play against multiple opponents stationed anywhere in the world.

#4 Be a feature in your home

Of course, not all old retro-style games require consoles that plug into the back of your TV. Some come as stand-alone units very similar to those that you would have encountered at your local arcade, like Contra, 1942, or Commando. These gaming machines are becoming more and more popular with old-school gamers as they can be incorporated into their homes and be a conversation piece as well as a practical part of their furniture.
However, before you decide that this would complete your gaming area or provide your guests with fun interaction and a taste of their past, there are a few important things you should contemplate before buying your first arcade machine. These go far deeper than just the space that you will need and the style you will settle on.

A few final thoughts

Taking a break from the modern war games and embracing the old retro styles could be incredibly entertaining, regardless of whether they are nostalgic to you or not. Although they are vastly different in graphical quality and possibly even limiting in storyline, they still are undeniably satisfying and challenging. They may even be able to provide you and your friends with an additional outlet when socializing and unwinding together.

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