WoT EU/NA/ASIA: Loot Box Event Rumors

Tomorrow the next sale of boxes starts in the Chinese WoT region. For them this is already the norm, but what is noteworthy is the release of new tanks.

This time a new premium tank has been added to the boxes – the Object 701. According to established tradition, if a tank comes out first in China, then we shouldn’t wait for it yet. Although previously they added TL-7, which was later released in Martian boxes.

Accordingly, we are waiting in the Martian Boxes 2024 for at least one of the tanks that were completely ready for release in patch 1.24.1:
• AAT60 (USA, Tier-8, MT, premium)

• Nemesis (Great Britain, Tier-8, MT, premium)

It is also possible to see tanks from Chinese boxes. Tanks that they have already released:

• CS-52 C (Poland, Tier-8, MT, premium, mechanics: engine mode change)
• WZ-111 model 6 (China, Tier-8, HT, premium)

• WZ-113-II (China, Tier-8, HT, premium)

It’s interesting that there is essentially no tier 9 tanks for the release, except for the long-suffering K-91 Version II.

5 thoughts on “WoT EU/NA/ASIA: Loot Box Event Rumors

  1. good no tanks worth getting for me I have better premiums for these nations, but another american medium.. seriously??

    1. this medium is one of two that can train a crew from the m48 patton. crew is C/G/D/LR. all other american t8 mediums are CR/G/D/L. the other compatible is the T95E2. now impossible to acquire and not a good tank in general.

      1. After crewbooks and they are abundant now and can be bought for credits I dont use premiums to train crews only for credit making and having fun if they are unique or good

  2. no way! a gambling event? and in wot? wow, how come? its just a casino with a tank theme at this point

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