14 thoughts on “WoT: Tour of Duty Required Time

  1. if i do solo mission only, how long before i get a tank i never wanted because it sucks like The company that changed “screw U Duty”.

    1. Probably like 400+ days

      1. 408 to be exact and thats quite ridiculous but what i really find stupid is the fact that you need to claim the rewards manually so you can easily lose the progress you made in a day by not claiming it

      1. To expand, there are 20 stages, the 21st is the tank. Not all stages are for the same points total. There are a few at 200, then there some that are 900 points. I don’t have my exact numbers to hand, however it is about 548 days at a 25 point mission each day.

        1. Using the numbers provided it will take 13,600 points to get the tank. At 25 points per day it will take 544 days to get the reward.

  2. They don’t want you to complete it. They want you to you some then buy the rest…

  3. this is just pathological. everything that is good for the players and isnt a fucking grindfest have been fucked up in similar ways. they just cant fucking stop fucking their players in the ass, and yet there are still people who give them money lmao. wg ceo could fuck these peoples wifes in front of them they would still buy lootboxes

  4. Ignored. I have paid a euro for wot for years. I treat it like a shit on my shoe

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